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Unlock the Secrets to Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

If you want to drop a few pounds before summer, then it is certainly time to do something about it. With our help from Hypnosis Institute of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina, those inches will disappear and it will be easy and fun.

Weight loss is a topic that most people, at one time or another, have to address. It sounds like a simple concept, yet it is so elusive when we’re doing something about it. For most of us, we never gave a thought to our weight during childhood. This seemed to be the norm.

We may have heard our mom talking about losing weight or trying to do more exercise, but we really could not relate. Later on, our bodies begin to change. We knew about puberty, learned about it in school and our parents. It kind of comes as a shock when it suddenly begins for real.

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There are so many changes involving, not only our bodies, but also our emotions, feelings, and self-conceptualization. We become very sensitive to what we think that our peers are thinking about us. In reality, all of our peers are thinking the same thing. We become very self-conscious about our own body.

For some teens, this is when they begin to distort reality, and anorexia, bulimia, and other food disorders can become dangerous addictions. This does not occur in most cases.

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As adults we may find it more difficult, over the years, to keep the weight off. Our metabolisms begin to slow down, and we become more sedentary. We sort of settle into our lives and get into habits that may hinder our good intentions of exercising regularly. Before you know it, the pounds and inches just kind of creep up on you. So, this is the time when changes need to be made.

In order to lose the weight, we must change a few things in our lives. Exercise is one way that we can begin to get our bodies back in shape. That was so easy to say, but taking action can be a whole different story.

The other major change that needs to be made is our food choices. The plain truth is that in order to lose weight we need to cut calories and eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

This is where hypnosis plays an important part in helping us to make the necessary changes. It works much faster than some conventional therapies and it encompasses all levels of involvement. We make small lifestyle changes that make a tremendous impact on our lives. This type of hypnosis works extremely well using Skype. If you would like more information, please contact:

Bonnie Page CH, MH

Phone: 704542-9111


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